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Climbing Mount Everest

Asian Trekking

Thamel 3022 - Kathmandu

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Climbing Mount Everest

In recent years, the Himalayas have become more accessible even for less experienced travelers. However, climbing Mount Everest is still the biggest challenge when it comes to this type of activity. The expedition requires a long physical and mental preparation. Asian Trekking is recognized as the most experienced company organizing ascents to the highest peak in the world. The family founders took an active part in climbing Mt Everest by Hilary and Norgay. Today, thanks to thousands of successful expeditions, the company has gained recognition in the environment and the trust of customers of various levels of advancement.

The price includes, among others: stay in at least a 4-star hotel, support of Sherpas, possibility of using the medical services. The company also provides professional climbing equipment, which saves clients’ a lot of trouble before the trip. Climbing Everest with a proven organizer is an opportunity to fulfill dreams and exceed limits in a safe and professional way.

messages.published : 2023-04-05

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